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Introduction to Aura Reading

If you want to be able to see or read Auras you have come to the right place. This website is designed to teach you how to see auras in the easiest and fastest way possible. All information on this website is 100% free.
Aura reading is in fact very easy to do. Undoubtedly you will have heard a lot about people who can see auras and people who are more than willing to take your money in exchange to have your aura read. But why pay someone else to look at your aura when you with the information provided on this website can look at your own Aura. There are many books available that can teach you to see auras and many of those books are certainly useful. However these books are often much thicker than they need to be. Aura reading is incredibly simple and aura reading books tend to focus on to many unnecessary and time consuming steps in their teaching methods.
This websites aim is to get you to see auras in the simplest and fastest way possible. And when I say See Auras I really do mean see auras. I'm not talking about seeing auras in your minds eye or sensing it. I really do mean you will physically see auras with your physical eyes.

Image of colored Aura around walnuts

Colored Aura around walnuts. A example of what you will be able to see around any object once your aura reading skills are developed

How to use this Aura reading website

This website is designed to teach you step by step while utilizing the most optimal and highly efficient methods to teach someone how to see auras. All unnecessary, unimportant and time wasting exercises commonly taut in books have been removed as they serve no purpose and only sidetrack you from achieving your goal and the goal of this website which is to enable you to see and read Auras. I recommend that you follow the aura reading tutorials on this site in their intended sequence as each step builds on the previous one.
Remember this site is and always will remain free the only thing you have to lose is a little bit of time so do give it a try.

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Who can See Auras

The question is often asked if only people who have a gift are able to see auras. The answer is a bold no. The ability to see auras does not require one to be gifted. In fact no special talent of any sort is required in order to read auras. Anyone can easily learn to see auras and I have not yet met a person who has failed to do so.

Do I need to meditate in order to see Auras?

It is a common misconception that people often think that meditation is a prerequisite if you want to be able to see auras. The truth could not be further from the truth. I have seen books as well as numerous websites advising people that meditation plays a vital part in developing the ability to see auras. Perhaps there are people who developed an ability to see auras as a result of meditation but that does not mean that meditation is in any way required to develop this ability. It certainly is not the fastest way of achieving the ability nor is meditation in any way necessary to see auras. On this website you will learn how to see the aura around People animals and objects. There will not be any meditation involved in the learning process nor do you need any previous meditation experience. This web page will show you how to develop the ability to see auras and wedder you have any meditation experience or not will have no effect on your ability to quickly and easily learn to see auras.

Do I need to be spiritual in order to see Auras?

One does not need to be spiritual in order to see auras. In fact even atheists can learn to see auras as easily as any member of any believe system or religion. What religion or spiritual teachings you subscribe to makes no difference everyone can easily learn to see auras.
Mew age and similar teachings tell us that what we think is what will happen. There are many slight variations of this believe which I will not get in to as it is irrelevant for the purpose of learning to read auras. It does not matter whether you will it to happen, whether you think it has already happened , whether you visualize yourself already being able to see auras or whether you think I’m never going to be able to see auras. And as I mentioned earlier Atheists and non believers can develop aura reading capabilities as easily as anyone else.
Once you have learned how to see auras. It is a lot like being able to see the moon. Everyone tends to see the moon regardless of whether you believe in the moons existence or not.

How long does it take to learn to see Auras?

It is a bit different for everyone. So far People I have taught in person were able to see their first aura in color within a time frame of a view minutes to no longer than probably about half an hour or so. The first visual of an aura often does not last very long and wont be the brightest you are ever going to see. But once you have had the first glimpse of an aura the hardest step is behind you. From there on forwards it is simply a mater of practicing this ability so that the auras that you see become clearer, brighter and more vivid in color.
Please note that because you are learning from this web page It will probably take you longer to be able to see auras as some time is spent reading and comprehending the pages. And also because there isn’t any direct human feedback. If you fail to see an aura within 30 minutes to an hour please do not feel discouraged. It does not mean that you cannot see auras. Just put it aside and come back the next day and try again.
With all the reading involved you might want to go trough this website in more than one sitting. Bookmark this site or save the individual pages to your hard disk if you wish. this way you can come back later and continue where you left off.

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Things You don't Need to See Auras

As mentioned in the previous chapter we will not spend any time on meditation. Nor will we be doing any positive thinking exercises.
When learning to see auras many books and teachers often spend a lot of time creating gee balls and other things which I will deliberately omit. I have never used these exercises when teaching and by the time others are practicing gee balls my students are already seeing their first auras. So why wast time on something that only delays your ultimate goal which is seeing Auras.

Opening the minds eye

Some books or teachers might get you to do spiritual or meditative exercises to open the minds eye. We however will not do any exercises for the minds eye. I will teach you how to see the aura using your physical eyes in a efficient and effective way. I'm not attempting to discredit such exercises I’m simply not including them because it is the objective of this website to teach you how to see auras with your physical eyes in much the same way you can see those letter. The minds eye is largely used to visualize things and is utilized for things like fantasy, creativity, day dreaming, memory and imagination.

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Aura Reading Focus & Attention

The first exercise in learning how to see auras is to learn how to distinguish between foveal and peripheral vision. Foveal vision is the central vision where our visual focus lies it is a small area comprising only about 2 degrees of our visual field. Peripheral vision is everything we see outside of our foveal vision.
Focus your eyes on the first letter of this sentence. You will see the letter F sharp and in focus. That is your foveal vision. Now focus on the letter F again but this time try to read the rest of the sentence while keeping your eyes fixed on the letter F , do not shift your focus. You will find that you are only able to recognize a couple of letters next to the Letter F while the rest of the sentence becomes readable. The area where you are no longer able to distinguish the letters is your peripheral vision. We are very good at detecting motion in our peripheral vision but we are very poor at seeing details such as reading text.

When learning to see Auras it is important for you to be able to keep your eyes foveal vision focused on one point while shifting your attention away in to the peripheral vision. For this exercise Hold out one of your hands and focus your vision on your index finger. Now I want you to pay attention to everything that is visible while firmly keeping your focus on your index finger.

foveal and peripheral vision

The index finger is inside the red circle represents the foveal vision. outside the red circle is the peripheral vision. You must learn to lock your foveal vision in one place while shifting your attention in to the blurry peripheral vision.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to understand how to focus on one area while place your attention somewhere else in your peripheral vision. Even tough this exercise is very easy to master it does feel counter intuitive as one instinctively wants to move the foveal vision to where you place your attention at. You should keep this exercise in mind as it will come in very handy in our upcoming exercises when you will start to see your first auras.

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Lighting & Background for Seeing Auras

Choosing a Ideal Environment to See Auras

Lighting and Background have a huge impact as to how easy or hard it is to see Auras. Once you become a experienced Aura reader you will be able to see auras in most environments. But When Learning to see auras it will make things a lot easier if you practice with ideal lighting and background.

Lighting and background for Aura reading

The ideal setting for aura reading is a dimly lit room where you stand or sit with the light behind you while the object you observe is in front of you against a plain preferably white, light or off white colored background. This could be a empty wall, any type of canvas or even a white paper or cardboard. Don't get to hung up if the background surface is not entirely perfect. The only reason you want a light colored plain background is so that it will not interfere with the colors of the aura. Any surface you could aim a projector at and make out the image and the colors in the Image that is being projected will also work for aura reading.

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Seeing the Aura Surface Glow

Now we are ready to take the first step in our journey to learn how to see auras. This is the first exercise where we will actually start to develop your ability to see auras. We are going to start of easy. We will not yet look for colors or big bright halos around people or objects we are going to start of by looking for the surface glow, a thin layer of light that surrounds all objects. Remember Auras can be seen on any object not just people. But for this exercise you are going to use one of your hands.

Sit or stand in a dimly lit room with the light behind you and a plain or reasonably plain surface in front of you as described in the previous chapter. Hold out one of your hands in front of you against the plain background with your finger pointing upwards. You can have your palms either facing towards you or away from you, whichever feels more comfortable.

Hand against white background

Hand in front of white background

Now pick a finger and focus on a point right at the edge of the finger where the finger ends and the background begins. As you observe the edge notice that the background looks slightly brighter. There is a thin Layer surrounding your hand that looks brighter than the background like a thin glow being emitted from your hand. You might see this glow only very briefly and as soon as you blink it will disappear. You will see this glow more strongly in your peripheral vision and if you move your focus towards the glow it will likely disappear. When you see the glow in your peripheral vision utilize what you have learned earlier by placing your attention to the glow without moving your eyes.

Picture showing hand with thin Aura surface glow

Hand showing thin white surface glow

Spend a view minutes practicing this exercises. Some people will see the glow almost instantly while others might take a view minutes. If you don't see The glow in 10 minutes take a break and then try again.
Hopefully you will have noticed a faint glow. If so you have just had your first glimpse at an Aura. Even if it was very faint and very brief. If you have not noticed the Glow try practicing this exercise a little longer or try again later if you still don't see it move on to the next exercise.

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Auras Look Like Heat Waves

Now we are going to develop your ability to see Auras one step further. We are still not going to look for colors yet. But we will expand our view of the Aura beyond the thin glowing surface layer we have previously observed.

First I want to teach you how to focus on a object that is invisible. Close one eye and hold your thumb in front of your eye and look at it sharply. Notice that when your thumb is sharply in focus the background right behind the thumb is very out of focus. Leave the thumb there but focus on the background right behind the thumb. Notice as the background gets sharp the thumb becomes blurry. Now do the same thing again but this time open both eyes. Look a at the thumb sharply. Notice that now the background is not only out of focus but everything is doubled. This is due to parallax as both eyes view the thumb from a different angle. Now focus on the background with both eyes open and as the background becomes sharp you see two blurry thumbs in front of you. Now with both eyes open look sharply at your thumb again. Now as you look at your Thumb pull your thumb away, but continue to look at the empty space where your thumb was before you pulled it away. You will be staring cross eyed at the empty space in front of you where your thumb was with a blurry and doubled background. Now bring you thumb back in front of you and look at it sharply. Now move your focus in to the empty space a centimeter or halve an inch above your thumb you should see a blurry and doubled background and a single thumb in your peripheral vision just below the piece of empty space you are focusing on. Keep focusing on this empty space above your thumb while shifting your attention to your thumb. I want you to remember this in the upcoming exercises when we will start to look at auras.

Now that you master the ability to look at the empty space next to an object we are going to look for the aura in that space. Before we begin I want to explain what you will be looking for. You will probably have seen images of Kirlian photography. In reality such images are a very inaccurate representation of what a aura really looks like. The best way to describe what a aura looks like is heat waves. Picture a desert scene on a hot day where heat waves can be seen raising of the surface above the horizon.
For this exercise pick a straight object such as a ruler, pencil or a book. Hold the object horizontally against a plain background and just like before look for the thin Glow along its top surface. Now move your focus upwards about half an inch or a centimeter in to the empty space above your object just like you did with your thumb a moment ago. While focusing on the empty space above the object look for the thin surface glow again. Relax and continue looking at the empty space above the object. As you continue to gaze at the empty space look for the Aura to appear extending beyond the thin glow of the objects surface. It will most likely appear colorless a lot like heat waves rising from the object. As soon as you blink or move your eyes the aura will most likely disappear. This is normal just look at the empty space above your object and regain your sight of the aura.

Aura resembling heat wave

Heat wave like aura of wooden board against the sky

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Seeing Your First Aura in Color

Now that you have seen a colorless aura it is time to further develop your aura reading skills by learning how to recognize colors in the aura. If you have seen a colorless aura you have already made good progress and you are well on your way to seeing auras in color. Some people start seeing colors almost immediately after seeing a colorless aura. While I have also known people who saw the colorless aura almost immediately ahead of everyone else but then took longer than everyone else to see their first colors. It is even possible that you might have already seen colors in the previous exercise. Which ever category you fall in to in this chapter we are going to learn to see auras in color.

The easiest color to recognize in Auras

Go and find a blue colored object. It does not matter what the object is as long as it is blue. Blue objects are a great choice to practice seeing your first auras in color because the auras of Blue object are particularly easy to see. Hold the blue object in front of you against a white background. A white background is important for this because the aura is translucent. The color of the background and the color of the aura will get mixed together. If you look at a Yellow aura over a red background the aura will appear as orange because the yellow gets mixed in with the red background which you can see trough the auras translucency. It is exactly the same as when mixing painting colors together as everyone has done in kindergarten. This is something you have to keep in mind as you get more skilled at aura reading and it would be a good idea to get familiar with color mixing so you can determine the true color of auras over colored backgrounds. For instance if you see a green aura around a object which stands against a yellow colored wall you will have a pretty good idea that the Auras true color will be Blue. Blue mixed with yellow makes green.

A white background is neutral and you will always see the auras true color against it. Now hold the blue object against a white or off white background and observe it just like in the previous exercise. Remember to focus your eyes on the empty space next to your blue object while placing your attention in to the peripheral vision finding and observing the aura like you did in the previous chapter. The aura like before should become visible to you similar in appearance to heat waves. Continue to place your attention on the heatwave like aura. Try not to blink and resist the temptation to move your eyes when the aura starts to get stronger in appearance. Remember we have chosen a blue object which will have a yellow aura. The yellow aura of blue objects is very easy to see. Observe how the aura will start to appear yellow as it gets stronger and more vivid. The color might be very faint initially. When you observe a faint yellow color to show make sure not to move your eyes and don't blink. Hold your gaze and the yellow color will grow and become a vivid bright yellow. Once you have seen the color for the first time It will be much easier for you to repeat this exercise and you will see the yellow color much more quickly.

Picture of blue object with a yellow aura

Yellow Aura radiating from a blue object

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Seeing Many Aura Colors

You already know how to see the yellow aura around blue objects. You are now going to apply this knowledge to see auras around objects of any color. The technique for seeing colors in auras is exactly the same as before the only difference is that the color of the aura will be different and it will be a bit harder to see, If you have successfully seen the yellow aura in the previous chapter you have made it trough the hardest part and you are ready to look at objects of any color. Have a walk around your house and gather some objects of different colors, get all the colors of the rainbow if you can and then start looking for their auras in exactly the same way a in the previous chapter. Perhaps start with a green object as its aura is also easy to see. Green objects will have a red aura. Once you have seen the red aura around the green object continue practicing with all the other colors until you can see them all.

What color Aura do different colored objects have?

A fairly reliable way to determine the aura color of a inanimate objects is the color wheel. Take a look at the image of the color wheel below. It is a circle containing all the colors of the rainbow. In most cases you fairly accurately predict the aura color of a objects using this color wheel. Find the color on the wheel which most closely matches the color of the object whose aura color you would like to determine. The color on the opposite side of the color wheel will usually be very close to the color you can expect the objects aura to be.

Use The this Color wheel to predict the Aura color of objects

Utilize this color wheel to predict the aura color of inanimate objects.

The following image shows the blue Aura emitted by a yellow Autumn leaf. If you look at the color wheel above you can see that the two colors are opposites.

Use The this Color wheel to predict the Aura color of objects

Yellow Autumn leaf with blue Aura

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Seeing Auras in Humans and Animals

Now that you have practiced looking at auras of variously colored objects it is time to look at auras in humans and a good place to start is your own hand. Your own hand is both willing and patient making it a ideal candidate for practice. You have practiced on your own hand earlier on before you developed the ability to see auras in color now we will return to the hand and this time you will look for the color of your hands aura. Seeing Auras in humans including your hand is done in exactly the same way that you saw auras in inanimate objects. Again it is a good idea to look at the aura over a white background so that you can view the color of your hand without interference.

Looking at your own Aura

Looking at the aura of your own hand is going to be a very interesting experience for you. What you will see is a dominating color in the aura surrounding your hand but you will most likely also see traces of a secondary color. Most auras around people have more than one color. Usually one color will dominate while a second less dominating color will also be present radiating trough the primary color.

Aura of human hand

This image shows a the Aura of a hand with a blue primary color and a green secondary color radiating trough it

Looking at your Aura in the mirror

I have red in books that seeing auras in the mirror is very difficult. I have found this to be untrue. Despite what any book tells you. If you can see auras you can see them just as well in mirrors. Go find yourself a mirror and look at your own aura in the mirror in the same way you looked at your own hand. Looking at auras in the mirror works exactly the same way as looking at auras without a mirror. If you feel unconfident practice with a blue object in the mirror and you will quickly realize that it is no harder than without a mirror. You can then move on to look at your own aura in the mirror.

Look at the Aura of Pets

Animals have auras just like humans you will also see a primary color with a secondary color radiating trough. If you have a pet look at the aura of your pet. Many pets are very patient and make great candidates for you to practice and improve your aura reading skills on.

Reading the Auras of your Friends and Family members

When you feel comfortable enough you can get your friends or family members to volunteer to have their auras read by you. Place your subject against a plain preferably white background. And observe his or her aura from a distance of perhaps 2 meters (6 – 7 feet) This distance is not critical you just want to be able to observe the whole person. The person can face any direction, towards you away from you or to the side it doesn’t matter. Looking at the aura of another person works exactly the same way as looking at your own aura or the aura of a pet. One thing to remember when looking at a persons aura is that any clothes they are wearing will have their own aura. In a fully clothed person you will only see the persons pure aura around his or her head and hands which are not covered by clothing. If your subject is male you could get him to take hes shirt of so you can see the aura around hes torso without the aura of hes shirt interfering.

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Seeing More Layers of the Aura

You now have all the knowledge and tools to take your aura reading skills to higher levels. So far we have been observing colored auras that surround all objects. You probably have seen colored auras that extend a couple of inches beyond the surface of the objects you have been looking at. This Aura is just one layer of all the auric layers that you can learn to see. The aura has many layers and extends much further than what we have so far explored. The layer we have been observing so far is the easiest layer to see. In order to see the subsequent layers that extend beyond what you have seen so far you need to practice. You have already overcome the hardest step from not being able to see auras to being able to see colored auras. This sure must have given you a lot of satisfaction and confidence in your abilities. You now know everything you need to know to take this ability further and there is not really anything else I need to teach you in order to do so. You will need to utilize what you have learned so far and practice. Lots of practice is what will strengthen your ability to see auras and with practice you will start to see additional layers in the aura.
There is one final piece of advice I will give you before you go off and start practicing. When you focus your eyes on a point in the empty space to the side of the object you are observing start focusing on a point further to the side of the object observe the aura extending further. Remember not to move your eyes as the aura grows and try not to blink. As you get better at this you can start to move your point of focus further away from the objects edge and see if the aura follows. The better you get at this to further out the aura will follow. The main thing is practice. Reading auras is a lot like learning how to walk and you have only just started to take your first steps. Anyone who continues to practice will eventually be able to jump and run some people will even become athletes who run particularly fast.

Aura layers and their meaning

The spiritual and New age community have various names and meanings assigned to the layers of the aura not all of them necessarily agreeing with each other. There is not really any scientific agreed upon and proven explanation for this information. Imagine if you took ten people from a jungle who had never seen a light bulb and you invited each one in to a room with a light bulb and let them observe it without any explanation. Then return them to the jungle where they came from. Back in the jungle they are now considered the experts as far as light bulbs are concerned for they are the only ones who have ever seen one. “In the world of the blind the one eyed is king”. Now all of them will be able to come up with some explanation about light bulbs and since none of them truly understand the technology all their explanations will differ from each other. Some explanations will be closer to the truth than others. But what is true for all of them is that they have all seen a light bulb. What I want you to take away from this explanation is that there is no reliable way for us to know which of the explanations about the aura layers and their meaning is true and which is flawed. Just keep your mind open and accept the fact that no one knows everything and there are things that no one knows for sure. What is most significant is that you have seen the aura with your own eyes as you have seen many trees with your own eyes even if you do not understand the molecular biology that makes a tree function. Today you would be able to go to university and learn the biology of a tree and perhaps one day the same will be true for auras but at this stage we just cant be sure if anyone knows its true meaning and function without flaw.
Even without understanding how a tree functions biologically you can still tell a lot about a tree by looking at it you can tell if a tree looks healthy or sick. You can tell what season it is by the presence or absence and the color of the leaves. You can tell what kind of tree it is and whether it is big or small. You can estimate its age. In the same way you can tell a lot about auras by looking at it without understanding how it fundamentally works. Individuals who proclaim to know the exact meaning and function of the aura are either lying or self deluded.

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